Flow of application for residents

  • STEP 1: Apply

    You can apply to the real estate company that handles our services.
    The flow at the time of application is as follows.

    STEP 1: Apply
  • STEP 2: Judging

    When applying, we will confirm the contents of the contract.
    * For confirmation, we will contact you from 0120-957-490.
    After the examination is completed, the real estate company will notify the contractor of the examination results.

    STEP 2: Judging
  • STEP 3: Contract

    After the warranty examination is completed, when the property contract with the real estate company is finalized, a guarantee consignment contract will be concluded.
    You will be required to sign and seal the guarantee contract and pay the initial guarantee consignment fee.

    STEP 3: Contract

Documents required for application

Documents certifying the person
Personal Japanese nationality (1) Driver's license
(2) Health insurance card
(3) Passport
(one of them)
(1) Surface (double-sided copy of any changes)
(2) Name, address page
(3) Face photo, name, address page
Foreign nationality Name of passport
Visa part
【Foreign Nationality Confirmation Document】One of them
< Name: Proof of period of stay>
Residence card
Special Permanent Resident Certification
Resident's card
Corporation (1) Certified copy of the Trademark Registry (2) Within 3 months
(2) Financial Results Report (2) Income statement, balance sheet, sales and general administrative expenses

In addition to the above, additional documents (income proof, etc.) may be required by the applicant.


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