Advantages of introducing rent guarantees for real estate companies

Two ways to replace freely

In order to respond to such requests from real estate companies, such as "I want to transfer directly to the owner", "I want to use convenient direct debit", we have prepared two replacement products.

  • Delinquent report type

    The delinquency report type is a method in which a real estate company that is the subcontractor submits a claim for payment of the position from the form designated by our company when there is a rent arrears.

    Delinquent report type
  • Direct debit type

    By using the direct debit type, by using a collection agency, it is unnecessary to report delinquency, and in the event of arrears, we will automatically make a replacement payment. This prevents delays in sending money to the owner.

    Direct debit type

Benefits of real estate companies

No need to report delinquency

By using the direct debit type, comprehensive outsourcing of rent management operations is possible without burden of delinquency reports.

Stable cash flow

Even if the rent is overdue by any chance, we will replace it, so we can deliver the rent stably to the owner.

Specify the destination account

When we collect money on behalf of the Company, you will be asked to specify either the real estate company or the owner where the remittance destination such as rent is.

Web Management System "LACTii KANRI"

Web management system LACTii KANRI -Lacticanri- is a service that can perform a wide range of tasks on the web, from application / examination results to contract management, various procedures such as change requests and payment reports, and moving out / canceling. You can also download various documents such as contracts.

Ells Support's Rent Debt Guarantee Service

Key features of warranty service

For residential use

Basic warranty service

Regardless of whether or not the lessee deposits from the lessee, we also guarantee the cost of rent and moving out.
We support stable rental management.

  • Rent, etc.Rent, etc.
  • Surrender litigation costsSurrender litigation costs
  • Renewal feeRenewal fee
  • Restoration costRestoration cost
  • PenaltyPenalty
  • 24-month guarantee including rent
  • Sudden cancellation report also
    guaranteed penalty
  • Restoration cost at the time of moving out

Various ancillary services

Various services are also substantial. By accompanying the standard warranty plan,
it can be customized to a warranty service according to your wishes.

  • Plan for restoration and vacancy compensation at the time of death in the living room
  • Plan for restoration of original condition at the time of death or disappearance in the living room
  • Emergency rush +
    household goods insurance correspondence plan
  • Watching service
    Incidental plan
  • Safety Net
    Residential Plan

For business

Business Plan

In addition to residential properties, we also guarantee stores and office properties for business use.

  • Rent, etc.Rent, etc.
  • Surrender litigation costsSurrender litigation costs
  • Renewal feeRenewal fee
  • Restoration costRestoration cost
  • PenaltyPenalty

List of services provided

List of services provided

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